My Favorite Running Gear & Race Results!

Lately, people have been asking me what my favorite gear/clothing to run in is so I decided it was time to just lay it all out there. But first, I would first like to let you know that I am writing this post from an airplane. This is the first time I have ever splurged and purchased in-flight wi-fi, I’m livin’ large my friends. However, WHY doesn’t Netflix or Hulu work up here?! Come on world, this is 2013. Just kidding, I’m still trying to figure out what kind of router these guys have and how I can walk out of here with the thing. I have trouble getting the Internet at my house to work between a flight of stairs. I also just tried to download a movie from iTunes so I had something to occupy my time, but I’m currently sitting at an estimated 104 hour download time, so I guess I’ll be enjoying that flick on my flight back home. Did anyone go see The Incredible Burt Wonderstone? It better be worth my $4.99 and 104 hours.

Okay, back to the reason for my post! When I first started writing this blog, I was set in my ways with my New Balance shoes and no one was going to change my mind. Well, recently in the midst of all of this knee nonsense, I decided it was time to try to a new brand of running shoe. I think anyone who runs can relate to the stress of such a task. The wrong shoe can literally put you on the couch for weeks if you aren’t careful, but the right shoe can change the way you run all together. After lots (and lots and lots) of shoe review reading and asking any and all runners I know, I decided on Mizuno’s. My first choice was the Mizuno Wave Rider 16s. They seemed to have everything I would need in a shoe, especially the cushion and heel support. After a little more digging, I realized they had a 12″ heel to toe drop which is something I am not used to and not a big fan of. I’ve done quite a bit of Minimus running. which as you know is a 0″ or 4″ drop. Even when I’m running in my regular shoes I’m sitting at about an 8″ drop. Moving up to a drop like that can be brutal on your body, so I decided to keep looking. I finally stumbled upon the Mizuno Wave Sayonara’s. I instantly fell in love. They only weigh about 7.2 ounces and have a 10″ heel to toe drop. If the reviews are all correct, they still offer that great cushion and heel support. Either way, they have officially been ordered and I will be sure to let you know how this goes!

So pretty :)

So pretty 🙂

That was a really long post about my shoes, I apologize. I just really love shoes. Not even just running shoes, heels are my weakness. So much so that my credit card is currently in the freezer so I can’t get to it to buy more 🙂 Anyway, on to the rest of my beloved running gear:

Garmin Forerunner 10
iPod Nano
Minisuit Jazz Slim Shell Case W/ Belt Clip
Running shorts from Gordmon’s or TJ Maxx – I know that sounds ridiculous, but they are my go-to even over my Nike’s
Under Armour Compression Shorts
Greenlayer Short Sleeve Tee
Greenlayer Arm Warmers
Nike Sports Bras

That’s it. I like to keep it simple and cheap! I purchased the watch and new iPod right before my first half and they have been life savers, seriously! I don’t know how I ever ran without them before. The iPod case was like $1 and it was quite possibly one of the better investments on that list. If you have a newer version of the Nano, I highly suggest looking into one of these bad boys. If you have any suggestions on some of your favorite running accessories I’d love to hear them!

Oh good, just checked back in on my movie and we’re up to a 166 hour download time. Fantastic.

WHOA, I can’t believe I almost published this post without any mention of the Color Me Rad 5K from last weekend! I’m sad to report that Aleck did infact finish about 5 seconds before me. Probably no coincidence there on almost forgetting to mention it 😉 We finished right under 23 minutes which probably explains why we were so exhausted the rest of the weekend. It was a lot of fun though, totally worth it!

CSLC13_05_02081Me 5k


Have a great weekend everyone!



It’s the First Official Day of Summer! How Will you Celebrate?

I. LOVE. Summer. I love the warm weather, the sitting outside, the sweating when I run, BBQ’ing…okay, okay, drinking beer while I watch someone else do the actual work, swimming, sitting by the pool. I just love it all! It’s quite possible that summers in Park City alone were enough to make the move from the Midwest worth it. No humidity? Yes please!

Park City celebrates the “kick off to summer” in a pretty unique fashion. On the first Saturday after summer has officially begun, all of the restaurants on Main Street (the most popular street in the town) line the streets with tables and serve up their best dishes and their finest wines. Just kidding, not their finest wines, I just thought that sentence had a nice ring to it. There is plenty of wine though. You have to make your reservations for this extraordinary event pretty far in advance and you better believe we jumped right on that!

Savor the Summit '12This is a picture from Savor the Summit last summer. That just happened to be a stroke of good luck on timing and a mis-scheduled reservation. There really is no better way to celebrate the beginning of summer than bringing the whole town together for dinner, drinks, music, the works. It will even be worth the 900 miles I will need to run on Sunday to work off the face stuffing I plan to do on Saturday 🙂


Saturday morning though, that’s when the real fun begins! Aleck and I will be running the Color Me Rad 5K! At first, this was something I was totally excited about. 3.1 miles filled with color bombs seems like I don’t need to stress about my timing, ya know. But now that the race is tomorrow, I’m a little bit on the fence about having “color bombs” thrown at my face multiple times. What kind of start is that to your day? A stranger throwing things at you. Who knows, maybe I’ll love it so much I’ll ask Aleck to run along side me on my next marathon and throw color bombs at me the whole way. While highly doubtful, people seem to live for this color run nonsense.

I think this past week I have been able to run more than I have in about a month now. It’s been wonderful and exhausting all at the same time. I did a 6 mile trail run Tuesday evening, which is a run that always kicks my butt. A little over the first half of the trail is a climb, gaining 1,500 feet in elevation. The only thing that makes it worth it for me is knowing that once I hit the top, the rest of the trail is downhill until I stumble to my car and make some dramatic scene like I just finished running up and down Everest. I’ve also been able to get in some mountain biking, which I self diagnosed as a good treatment for my knees. Whether it actually is or not, who knows.

image (1)photo (16)










Enjoy your first taste of summer! I know I will!


I’m Back! Training for Half Marathon 2

FINALLY, I can get a few miles in on foot without finishing the run in tears and frustration! It’s still not easy, but I am just happy to be back out there. I’m also happy because I finally got an answer to what’s going on – – plica syndrome. It’s not something I have ever heard of before, but after some indepth (maybe a little too much WebMD) research, I get a little uneasy every time I think about it. According to the doctor who broke my little heart, this is something that can end in surgery but does not 100% of the time, so he highly suggested physical therapy. I politely told him that is far from the budget of a 24yr old, who just moved, bought a new bike way out of her price range and doesn’t know how to stop shoe shopping. So, I opted for some “on my own” type physical therapy, some good ice packs, endless amounts of icy hot & IBUProfen and my favorite part, the mandatory new running shoes (wahoo!) Also, my favorite part of his diagnosis, running is not out of the question, as long as I’m smart about it and listen to my knees when they are screaming at me to just stop already!

However, there are a few things I wish people would have told me when all of this began that did not involve the phrases “You’re stupid” “Why are you still running” “Stop running”. In my opinion, it’s pretty fair to say that most anyone who is passionate and/or serious about whatever activity or sport it may be, it is not an easy task to just – -stop. You go through the training and push through the pain to see it pay off in the end, when you finish a race you never thought possible, or you get that PR you’ve been working so hard for. The list of things I wish I would have known is just as long as the list of things I wanted people to stop saying. I painfully regret not taking it a little easier a little sooner than I did. Looking back, the day it started I should have educated myself on what it could have been and how to treat it the best I could, without becoming a couch potato. After all the pain this stupid thing has caused me and all of the pain that I know is yet to come, the one thing I would want to hear if I had to do it again would be someone telling me (and yes it may need to be in a loudish tone) “HEY, be smart moron!” Moron gets me every time. But seriously, all I did was aggravate the injury further and by overcompensating on my – – what was then – – good knee, I injured that one as well. I’m now working with two bad knees, both with plica syndrome and one with a knee cap that is no longer straight and in it’s place.

My wonderful doctor also did not rule out running another race at the end of July as long as I feel like it won’t cause any further injury. So that is my goal, to run Race #2 on July 27. That is about 7 weeks away. It’s more training time than I gave myself for Race #1, one of these days I’ll fit the normal 12 week training schedule in…maybe.

Up to this point, the furthest I have run since the Dino Half is about 7.5  miles, and that was just 2 days ago. Yikes. I am still just as determined as I was the first time around, maybe even a little more. As I mentioned in a previous post, I have also been mountain biking in my off time, which keeps me positive that I didn’t lose the leg muscle and endurance I would have by just sitting around. As of right now, I am trying to only run every other day and mountain bike on the off days. I am also trying to do as little road running as possible and stay on the dirt trails where the impact of  my foot strike is a little less harsh on my knees. With the exception of my run this morning (ow), I’ve had little issues with my current training plan. Next weekend is the big Color Me Rad 5K with Aleck, so I’m feeling the need to be in my best shape that day. I don’t know if I could move past it if he beats me…

Anyway, I’ll be sure to post the results of that race, if they’re in my favor of course, and for now here are some pretty pictures of PC from some of my mountain biking adventures.

It is a very green Spring in PC!

It is a very green Spring in PC!Mountain Dog

Have a great weekend and get a good run in for me!