Road Trip!

Living in the mountains is usually a wonderful thing, but lately I have just had it with the random cold weather and snow storms. So I decided that if Spring wasn’t going to come to me, I was going to it. It took some convincing to get my boyfriend on board, but I finally got him to agree to head South! Southern Utah is full of desert and warm weather, so in the Spring and Fall it is an incredibly beautiful place to visit and get away from the dreary weather up here. It is actually where I am going to be running my first Half Marathon next month, but more on that later. We went on some of the coolest, most incredible hikes I have ever been on. We headed down to St. George, UT early Saturday morning. But not too early because we both assumed the other one set their alarm soo of course, no alarms went off that morning 🙂 Oh well, we eventually hit the road and still made it down in good time. Saturday afternoon we hiked a place called Red Reef Trail right outside St. George. It was by no means a strenuous hike, but it was seriously amazing. It was full of natural pools and waterfalls running through the canyon and people were even swimming in them. It was nice because the further up the canyon you went, the less crowded the pools were. The adventurers that we think we are ended up walking through belly button high water at points that was as cold as spring water if not colder.

Red Reef

Red Reef

The view from lunch

Finally getting that tan I've been waiting for!

Finally getting that tan I’ve been waiting for!

On Sunday we went over to Zion National Park which is also in Southern Utah. This was my first time visiting Zion and it certainly will not be my last! Just driving through the park up to the hike we chose was mesmerizing. We hiked a trail called “Hidden Canyon”. While it is technically classified as a strenuous hike, I think that was only because of the big elevation gain at the beginning. This particular hike wasn’t on any of the Zion maps but we read a pretty detailed description of what we would see, encounter, etc. The description says that you will eventually come to a natural arch and that that’s a pretty good place to turn around. Well, surprise surprise, two people that can’t even figure out how to set an alarm missed the arch and hiked hours and miles passed it. Neither of us could really complain though because the hike we did after we passed the arch was so much fun. And hey, we eventually found the arch on the way back and even got a picture to prove it.

See, we made it eventually!

See, we eventually made it! AND we both did it in our New Balance Minimus Trail shoes!

While we may have hit a few minor hiccups along the way, I wouldn’t have changed a thing! I had one of the most incredible weekends I’ve ever spent in Utah. I would absolutely recommend visiting Southern Utah to anyone who has the chance.

Hidden CanyonHidden Canyon











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